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1:1 Mentorship SUPPORT!

If you're looking for some mentorship in your business or career, look no further! You can book a 1:1 mentorship call with me where we talk literally anything and everything to help you as much as possible (we can do anything: pricing, portfolios, advice, audits, etc). Sessions start at $100 for a 1hr chat + follow up with notes and ongoing connection!


Being A Biz
Owner is hard

As someone who started their business as the baby age of 20 (with literally zero knowledge), I know that starting out and keeping it moving is freakin hard! I created these workshops to help those looking for advice from someone who gets the struggle. I share everything that I know in these workshops + I include resources like sample proposals, contracts, etc!

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Check out our workshop series

Our workshop series covers our most asked questions and topics that I feel aren't addressed enough! In each workshop I include real steps and strategies that I use in my business and I don't leave out any details! I take you behind the scenes and show everything—I also include some resources with each workshop like my welcome guide, contract, etc. SAVE $25 WHEN YOU BUNDLE ALL 5 WORKSHOPS!

Pitching, Landing, & Handling Clients Workshop
Finding Clients and Keeping Them Coming Workshop
How to Price Yourself and Start Raising Them Workshop

People Love our workshops

Happy to know i can come to you if i have any questions ☺️ it's refreshing to get this type of resource from someone who is close to where i am in business ✨
"Yes girl i loved it! i wrote down some action steps to take, and i'm currently writing a plan out for the end of the year with them and implementing some changes already."
"i just wanted to say thank you so much for the workshop, i found it so valuable and will recommend you to anyone who asks!!"
"It was so insightful, i felt instantly inspired after it ended. rather than overwhelmed with a bunch of information, i felt like all of the info was so down to earth and practical. i felt like it gave me a good starting point. literally sitting here now looking over my notes and seeing what i need to do to apply the advice."

Our workshops were created to ACTUALLY help you reach your goals without the frills and extra fluff. My purpose in creating them was to give advice and steps for making real change in your business and here are some testimonies from viewers! We keep it down to earth and real here in our judgment-free zone; it's always about improvement and support, none of that negative stuff!