Bounce Skincare

Brand Identity & Packaging Design

I created this project because I was inspired by the realization that almost all skincare products on the market right now are gendered! I wanted to make something that was modern and relevant to our more inclusive culture, so, Bounce was born. Because the brand was created for the purpose of market disruption, I went with a high contrast, unapologetically bold identity.


Design, Copywriting & Creative Direction: Alyssa Nguyen
Mockups: Mockup World & Creative Burger
Created: June 2021

To make the brand unmistakenly outspoken and rebellious, I went with high contrast colors in vivid shades that are normally not paired together! The combination required extensive exploration to avoid eye-glaring combinations.Since the brand has a very clear target audience of millennials and gen z, I wanted to use type that would appeal to an oversaturated market of stylized products. Additionally, I kept in mind that the brand is gender neutral and kept it a priority in selecting a type.