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ATNN Design: 2023 Wrapped

A spotify wrapped-inspired recap of our year, featuring revenue breakdowns, design replays, and top performing services & posts.

April 29, 2024

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Every year I look forward to Spotify’s Wrapped breakdown and I never really asked myself why it’s so cool—until now. I love the idea of self-reflection that’s unserious. Thinking about your year in terms of songs you loved and podcasts you binged is so lighthearted, yet it’s so telling and revealing…and dare I say intimate? So, in the spirit of keeping things playful here at ATNN Design’s creative playground, I present our Design Business: Wrapped.

Our Revenue Breakdown

Most Used Fonts

Most Used Colors

Most Used Brand Descriptors

Most Loved Posts

Most Booked Services

Most Loved Podcast Episodes

It’s been a really great year and I am so thankful for another 365 days of doing what I love. Here’s to 2024 and all that’s to come!

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