What You Need to Know About Squarespace Templates

Discover the versatility of Squarespace templates and learn how to tailor them to your unique brand identity. Uncover the pros and cons, essential considerations before investing, and witness how a single template can cater to diverse brands.

April 29, 2024

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What Are Squarespace Templates?

Thinking about diving into the Squarespace template pool? Hold on to your keyboard, because we've got the 411 on everything you need to know before you hit that "Invest Now" button. Alright, let’s kick things off with the basics, Squarespace templates are pre-designed layouts that serve as the foundation for your website. They cover a variety of styles and functionalities, providing a starting point for you to build and customize your online presence. Your website is the ultimate VIP entrance to your business party, and trust us, first impressions matter! According to a study by Stanford University, a whopping 75% of users judge your company's street cred based on your website.  So, no pressure, but your website's design could make or break the cool factor.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Custom Squarespace Template : 

(1) Design Matchmaking

First things first: What's your vibe? What's the mission? What values are you proudly waving the flag for? Understanding these elements is the key to selecting a Squarespace template that unabashedly shouts, "This is so you!” No need to play detective – narrow down your search for the perfect fit that aligns seamlessly with your dream design style. And here's a pro tip: look for Squarespace templates crafted by designers who resonate with your ideal or target design style. We've got templates tailored for your dream aesthetic that will fluently speak your unique language (cough, cough... that’s me).

(2) Priorities, Priorities, Priorities!

Let's talk priorities – and no, it's not just about picking your favorite party snacks. When it comes to your website, it's all about ranking what truly matters. Think of it like choosing the must-have features for your dream template! Now, about those bells and whistles – they're like the party favors and confetti. Fun, but not the main event. Save the fancy stuff for later and ensure your template's core functionality takes the lead.For instance, if you're running a beauty and skincare brand, think of it like choosing the must-have features for your dream Squarespace template! An essential feature for a beauty and skincare website might be a clean and organized product gallery that allows customers to easily browse through your range, showcasing high-quality images and detailed product information. Ensure your template provides a seamless and visually appealing way to display your products, making it the star of the show on your website.

(3) Quality Check—Mandatory!

Time for the ultimate quality check – because nobody likes a website that's a party pooper! Check for responsiveness – we want your site to look hot on every device, not just your grandma's ancient desktop. Squarespace does its thing, but always double-check, 'cause surprises are for birthdays, not websites!

Now, let's get real about the nitty-gritty. Is your site loading? Ain't nobody got time for that! Make sure your website is bug-free, or you might end up with some uninvited guests. Spacing matters too – you don't want your content squished together! Check if everything's comfortably spaced out, giving your visitors room to consume your content.

(4) Template Support—Don't Fly Solo

When hunting for the perfect template, make sure it comes with its own set of guides and tutorials. Even if Squarespace is user-friendly, having a template that comes with all the how-to info is just the perfect choice. So, when picking your template, look for the one that doesn't just look good but comes with a handy manual too.

Making Templates Your Own:

Now, making these templates your own is where the real fun begins. Once you discover a template that aligns with your wishlist, your future self will undoubtedly thank you for selecting one with a layout and style that resonates.

While Squarespace templates are sometimes criticized for their simplicity, the real magic lies in your ability to make them stand out! Think of it like dating—never settle for something that doesn't make your heart skip a beat. Once you find "the one," the SQSP customization features open up a world of possibilities. Tweak elements, apply your branding effortlessly, and watch your chosen template evolve into something that truly reflects your personality and vision.

Experiment with rearranging sections, play with photo shapes, expand or resize text and media, and add a border or two. These alterations to various website components will set you apart and give your site a bespoke look—without the $$$ price tag and complexity of custom HTML & CSS.

Consider the template as a plain cake presented before you. The flavor can't be changed once chosen, so it's crucial to make the right decision from the start. However, the frosting, sprinkles, and the cherry on top are entirely up to you.

Before you break out the virtual paintbrush, there are a few things you should know. We're talking about the unsung heroes—the Pros and Cons. On the pro side, Squarespace templates are like that reliable friend who always has your back. They're user-friendly, look stunning, and save you from website design nightmares. On the flip side, we've got the cons. While Squarespace templates are pretty darn versatile, they're not the ultimate shape-shifters. Sometimes, you might feel like you're playing Tetris with your content, trying to fit the pieces just right. But hey, every rose has its thorn, right?

In the world of Squarespace templates, it's all about making it yours. So, whether you're a wedding planner, a marketing expert, or something in between, these templates are your creative playground.

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